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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

We are,

A young Digital Agency that aims to study and realize digital projects as you need.

We are rebuilding your customized internet, as positioning it in the latest search engines, by advertising your activity trough promotional campaigns, online and digital (social media, instruments of analysis and promotion at Google, E-mail Marketing).

We take care of all the management of company profiles on Social Networks, using the newest modern Social Media Marketing Strategies. We carry out a targeted, effective and non invasive promotional activity. We identify us with your specific target audience (analysis on interests, geographical positions, aged groups and their behaviours) and also an implement of advertisements, announcements, offers of information targeted to a selected public and pertaining to the promotional campaign in progress. We create your brand identity by designing like a tailor made company profile, telling the clients and promoting your corporate image until you get to the realization of target that rapresents you.


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